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Founder & Operating Partner

Meet Scott, a driven entrepreneur on a mission to create lasting value through business ownership. With a proven track record in leadership and team-building, he seeks to identify, acquire, and operate a business that goes beyond financial success, prioritizing employee well-being and community impact. Scott's diverse personal and professional experiences have shaped his curious and open-minded approach. In the pursuit of a business partnership, Scott is prepared to leverage his skills, knowledge, and network to build a legacy of ethical entrepreneurship and meaningful impact.



Scott is proud to have partnered with leading investment firms who share a vision and commitment to driving exceptional outcomes through strategic acquisitions. These esteemed investment partners provide the resources, expertise, and network necessary to navigate the complex landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

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ALZA Capital Partners

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Archipelago Capital Partners

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Blue Frame Capital Partners

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The Cambria Group

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ETA Equity

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Futaleufu Partners

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GT Entrepreneurs

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Marion Equity

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MER Enterprises

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Northspring Partners

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